Hi, my name is Adam Katz and I'm a freelance digital artist with a strong technical background.

I have created content for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, Animal Planet and others. I have also worked on interactive installations for the Vivid and Beams festivals in Sydney, as well as independent films and music videos.

My work experience covers a comprehensive range including character animation, visual effects, and motion graphics.

Additionally, I develop pipeline tools for a variety of projects. Most recently this has expanded to include interactive installations, projection mapping and virtual reality.

You can contact me at:
You can also reach me at LinkedIn

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ANIMAL LOGIC, Sydney, Australia 2017
A high end animated film production company
Character Effects Artist
  • Character effects on hero and secondary characters for the Peter Rabbit movie
  • Cloth and fur simulation setups in Houdini
A higher and vocational education college
Senior Teacher
  • Oversee all 3d subjects
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphics
Software Development and Projection Mapping
  • Wormhole Galaxy - Vivid 2016
  • Vital Spark - Beams 2016
  • Lightwell - Vivid 2015 (Winner 2015 APDG Interactive Design Award)
  • People Beats - Beams 2015
Experiments created for virtual and augmented reality
ILOURA, Melbourne, Australia 2016
A high end visual effects and animation film company
Two week secondment in Character Animation and Visual Effects departments
  • Worked in order to get upskilled and help create a new visual effects class for Academy of Information Technology
  • 1 week in character animation using Maya
  • 1 week in visual effects using Nuke working on green screen and tracking
MODIO, San Francisco, California 2014-2017
A motion design studio
After Effects Tool Developer
  • Custom creation of After Effects pipeline tools
MADE IN KATANA, Sydney, Australia 2012-2013
A digital entertainment agency working with local and international clients
Lead Character Animator
  • 3d character animation for music videos
  • Animation of humans, animals, and robots
BIG TEN NETWORK, Chicago, Illinois 2010-2012
Internationally distributed television sports network covering one of America's premiere college sports conferences.
3d Generalist, Motion Graphics, Pipeline Tools Creation
  • Created graphics packages for long term shows and live productions
  • Developed pipeline tools for automating After Effects workflow
MATTHEW BYRNE FILMS, New Orleans, Louisiana 2012
Independent movie company
Head Graphic Artist
  • In charge of overall quality of all graphic elements
  • Created main titles, special effect shots, and compositing
RIVERS FOR CHANGE, Los Angeles, California 2012
A non-profit devoted to the protection and health of rivers and watersheds.
Motion Graphics Designer, Web Application Developer
  • Created animations to enhance promotional videos
  • Developed interactive web application
IMPROVITECTURE, Chicago, Illinois 2010-2012
Walking tours led by comedians.
Owner, Founder
  • Started and managed a walking tour company led by improvisational comedians in Chicago
TOWERS POST, INC., Chicago, Illinois 2005-2009, 2011
Produces programming for US and international TV networks.
3d Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer
  • Created content for: The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, The Weather Channel
  • Created stereoscopic 3d animations, including cleanup of 3d photos and compositing
  • Collaborated with a medical doctor to create accurate scientific animations
  • Created Renderfarm pipeline and tools for use in daily and final renders
ONE 6 PRODUCTIONS, Chicago, Illinois 2004
Documentary company
3d Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer
  • Modeled and animated a character for integration into live action footage
  • Composited different elements to make transitions and credits
MERCER, Chicago, Illinois 2003
Global leader for trusted HR and related financial advice, products, and services.
Motion Graphics Designer
  • Created interactive game show for corporate education
TOON RANCH, Chicago, Illinois 2002-2003
Animation company who made kids shows
3D Animator, Technical Director, Modeler
  • 3d rigging and animation for an animated television pilot
  • Developed pipeline tools for Lightwave renderfarm

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3d Software
  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • 3d Studio Max
  • Cinema 4D
Compositing Software
  • Nuke
  • After Effects
Real Time Software
  • Unity
  • Touchdesigner
Programming/Scripting Languages
  • C#
  • Python
  • MEL
  • Maxscript
  • Extendscript
Render Software
  • Qube
  • DrQueue
Still Graphics and Editing Software
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
Operating Environments
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • B.A. with Honors, Film and Video
  • Concentration: Computer Animation
  • Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois 2004